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Environmental impact

The fluids T1 and T2 used with the TUBOGEL®-flooding system are non-toxic. TUBOGEL® T1 is a specially formulated silicate fluid with high viscosity. For the production of TUBOGEL® T2 only substances were used which are also known as food additives.
The floor-hygienic investigation of TUBOGEL® flooding system was performed at the Hygiene Institute in Gelsenkirchen. It especially showed that the individual components decompose extremely well in soil. Also, no toxic substances could be found.

Stability of material and guarantee

TUBOGEL® is resistant to acids and bases, as they may be found in the field of wastewater and consequently also resistant to biogenic sulfuric acid. The gel is stable to age and will not shrink after hardening. It does not dissolve, retains its shape and behaves absolutely environmentally neutral and that for long-term.


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